The Substratum saga continues.

I never seem to be more amazed by the Substratum community who are leading quite a double narrative.

No delay, No misses

In response to questions arising from the community, Substratum’s CIO, Abram Cookson, had a few statements to make regarding the delays, or for lack of a better term, “setbacks” Substratum has had regarding its V1 delivery.

“No delay, no misses. Estimates are estimates, the more we know the more accurate they become. This has nothing to do with the skill or working hours. If you want me to post a fake deadline I’m not going to do it. We’ve never as a dev team stated anything regarding dates until we began in January offering show and tells. Everyone is an expert predicting when things can be done until they have to do it themselves. No over promises, we are just showing the data every week and will continue to do so. Some weeks we will have little movement, other weeks we will see massive increase in completed work. If you look at the past 3 weeks (16, 13, 18). It will fluctuate”.

Abram Cookson: Telegram (April 9, 2019)
2:01:34 PM

Hmm, that’s a very careful choice of words by stating “We’ve never as a dev team stated anything regarding dates until we began in January offering show and tells“. You know, it’s almost like Substratum’s dev team does not want to place any blame towards Justin Tabb, who is in charge of the dev team and has made several inaccurate and blatantly false promises.

In fact, it really sounds a lot better when you say it that way, you almost don’t even think about Justin Tabb.

Let’s have a quick recap on some of Justin Tabb’s past statements regarding Substratum’s initial Production Version of SubstratumNode (V1) delivery.

False Promises

Taking a step outside of Substratumland for the time being, let’s look at all the accounts where V1 was promised and inevitably… delayed.

On August 6, 2017, the first official roadmap was posted to Substratum’s website, stating “Substratum Network Version 1 – SubstratumNode, Developer Toolkit, Substratum Store, and Substratum DNS” was expected before EOY 2017. Furthermore, Version 2 was subsequently expected in early 2018.

To add to this, Justin Tabb even stated publicly in a trading chat during Substratum’s Pre-ICO, they were “already a good way through it” regarding Substratum’s roadmap.

False promise #1.

Now, after all the dust settled following Substratum not hitting this initial deadline, Justin Tabb, the CEO of Substratum who is also in charge of the dev team due to the nature of his position, claimed it would be released by “EOY 2018” and even told community members to “quote me on it”.

Here’s a short clip cut down to where the statement regarding V1’s delivery was made.

Source: Substratum Network YouTube Channel

“SubstratumNode, we announced, will reach its first production version before the end of 2018. So, that’s very exciting guys. You know we don’t make predictions if they’re not true”.

Justin Tabb: September 2, 2018

False promise #2

A Look at the Facts

There are bountiful additional examples of inaccurate statements that Substratum has told it’s community however, I think the core theme of the nature of this situation is centered in a complete and utter lack of transparency. What we are essentially seeing and being proved time and time again, is a team that does not really know what they are doing.

For instance, telling potential ICO investors you are “already a good way through it” on Production Version 1 (V1) is just plain scammy, since it’s been nearly 2 years since that statement was made, and there is still no V1. Perhaps this can fall into sheer incompetence, but it’s very misleading and just a plain fabrication on the current state of development.

Furthermore, saying “we as a dev team” does not take Substratum’s dev team out of implication for Justin’s false promises, as he is in charge and directly oversees the dev team.


I wish I was wrong about Substratum, but with numerous false promises, fake partnerships (which have still never been confirmed), and so much more, Substratum is taking zero-accountability on their past actions.

Community members keep chalking anything that doesn’t paint Substratum as the glory in God’s light as “FUD”, but, I mean really, how long does it take you to see a consistent pattern?

As Sir Issac Newton stated in Newton’s First Law of Motion, “An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force“.