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The Dog Money Movement

It’s pretty bad when you get phone calls from relatives (multiple) asking if you’ve heard of SHIB and they then proceed to shill their gains and why you should buy some.

Grandpa and Grandma do not like the JPEG’s

It’s pretty funny witnessing the prior generation grasp for straws and act as if anything of financial value must be met with a stamp of approval from them. Lately, the biggest gripe has been against NFTs.

Something is Brewing in Substratumville

Image Source: Cryptovest

There have been some very questionable things going on with Substratum over the past few weeks.

Recently, Substratum has been ramping up ETH withdraws, cutting employees, and making changes to their website that suggest the groundbreaking and the Earth-shattering V1 release will not “save SUB”.

DataDash Starts his own Cryptocurrency Project

Some things are just too silly to make up.

Popular altcoin shiller, DataDash, has decided to start his own project called “Project Genesis“.

Calvin Ayre gets #REKT Again..

It seems Calvin Ayre can’t stop saying things that lead to widespread controversy and backlash.

In the latest of Mr. Ayre’s developments, he recently put out a tweet with a 21 year old whom he has known “for many years”.

When John McAfee Says You’ve Crossed the Line You Really Have

In fairly recent news, CoinGeek Founder and notable Bitcoin SV proponent, Calvin Ayre had some interesting transgressions recently.

On March 12, 2019, Calvin posted a picture of him “drinking rum with Cuban dance team in Havana”.

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