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Addressing Dissension From the Substratum Community

Image Source: Mind Hacks

The Substratum community has been on a tear lately, encouraging others to spread malicious inconsequential “truths” about the P-Rep team I am apart of. Let’s take some time to look at the facts and reality they ignore daily with their own project.

Something is Brewing in Substratumville

Image Source: Cryptovest

There have been some very questionable things going on with Substratum over the past few weeks.

Recently, Substratum has been ramping up ETH withdraws, cutting employees, and making changes to their website that suggest the groundbreaking and the Earth-shattering V1 release will not “save SUB”.

Substratum Developer Claims There Haven’t Been Any Delays in V1

The Substratum saga continues.

I never seem to be more amazed by the Substratum community who are leading quite a double narrative.

DataDash Interview with Bitcoin Magazine NL

So, I know I said I would not write about Substratum again, as it’s not really worth the time. But, after seeing DataDash’s interview with Bitcoin Magazine NL, I’d like to share my thoughts on some of his responses.

Jimmy Pham of TG Daily: Substratum “Under the Hood”

It seems leaders of the cult like community in Substratum have been getting upset lately over articles that don’t paint them in a positive light.

Must be new, not really.

A Substratum Weekly Update from Jason Burns

Finally, a new video update! I’ve been patiently waiting for a month to see the next video update.

I’ve even lost sleep over not seeing Justin’s videos.

Substratum Weighs in on Why the World Needs Censorship Resistant Internet

Substratum really needs some good press.

Recently, Substratum put out an article on their blog about “Why the World Needs Censorship Resistant Internet”.

It’s All Just a Bunch of Smoke and Mirrors

Substratum’s CEO and community never cease to amaze me.

In response to indisputable accusations that Substratum lied about their “hedging” of ICO funds, Substratum’s CEO felt the need to revitalize his community with a sermon.

Justin Tabb “Clears up” Substratum Shortcomings

Substratum always seems to give me something to write about.

Recently, an interview surfaced with Justin Tabb and a contributor to Influencive. Justin tried to explain a number of things that have crutched the Substratum project over the past year. As expected, zero accountability was taken on his part.

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