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The Dog Money Movement

It’s pretty bad when you get phone calls from relatives (multiple) asking if you’ve heard of SHIB and they then proceed to shill their gains and why you should buy some.

Let the Games Begin

Bitcoin just rallied pretty heavily on the eager anticipation of a ETF which is slated begin trading in about a week.

Grandpa and Grandma do not like the JPEG’s

It’s pretty funny witnessing the prior generation grasp for straws and act as if anything of financial value must be met with a stamp of approval from them. Lately, the biggest gripe has been against NFTs.

Thoughts on Web3 and its Potential Implications

I saw a funny comment on twitter the other day. Here’s what it said.

The Crypto Markets are About to Get Interesting

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post detailing how things are beginning to turn sour for equities. In that post, I did give a small glimpse on how I felt about crypto towards the end. In this post, I’d like to share more thoughts on that particular point I raised.

NFT’s are hot, Tezzardz are even hotter

Tezos has been gaining momentum within the NFT scene for a variety of reasons. I’ll explain why within this post, but I find the space as a whole fascinating, personally.

TezTalks Radio ft. Lin Dai (OneOf)

Recently, I had the chance alongside fellow co-host Marissa Trew of TZ APAC to chat with Lin Dai, CEO and Founder of OneOf. In case you’re unfamiliar with them, they had a $63M seed raise and are building a really interesting NFT-based music platform on the Tezos blockchain. They will be launching quite soon as well with several drops expected from numerous high-profile artists.

RHIZOME Report EP 19

On the latest episode of the RHIZOME Report, myself and colleague Brian Li sit down and discuss all the latest events/developments within the ICON ecosystem.

Vote Disparity in the ICON Ecosystem

Over the past few days, there’s been a lot of discussion centered around the concentration of votes within the top-10 ranking P-Reps. Several solutions have been proposed and new light has been given in a recent interview with Dr. ICON and Bong An Ha of the ICON Foundation.

The Rhizome Report Ep.8

Recently, I decided to interview Vitalii Parkhomenko of Everstake, a P-Rep candidate for the ICON protocol. We discussed a wide array of topics and Everstake’s plans as a P-Rep for the ICON ecosystem.

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