On Friday, one of my close friends tagged along for a gym session. Apparently, my form has been a little off to say the least.

I think for newcomers, form is something most graze over. It’s easy to especially if you’re doing your own regiments solo and kind of learning as you go. That’s at least been the case for me.

It’s really important, however.

By not focusing on form and getting that right, you’re open to a plethora of injuries. It’s something I’ve been working on and why I’m always seeking second opinions on. Some things whether that be exercise or even more in general terms, a second opinion is rather enlightening.

Thus we reach my deadlift form.

Here’s a video of me doing what’s my current max without proper form, 365lbs. Try not to have your back hurt while getting through the video, it made mine.

A few things to gain from this.

Notice how I am making use of my lower back instead of my legs. When deadlifting, you need to use your legs. Here, you can see a crunch type motion in my back as I’m lifting.

If I were to throw on some heavier weight, I would likely have ended up injuring myself pretty badly.

The key is to keep your arms and back out of it as much as possible. When you’re about to deadlift, think of the following things.

  • Look forward, don’t look down.
  • Keep arms straight, you’re not lifting with them.
  • Use your legs and puff your chest out.

By following the above steps, you should see a motion similar to the below. Here’s me doing Russian deadlifts with a light weight.

Don’t be like me using your lower back and wonder why it sometimes hurts after deadlifts. Focus on correct form and work towards your goals.