Recently, I had the chance alongside fellow co-host Marissa Trew of TZ APAC to chat with Lin Dai, CEO and Founder of OneOf. In case you’re unfamiliar with them, they had a $63M seed raise and are building a really interesting NFT-based music platform on the Tezos blockchain. They will be launching quite soon as well with several drops expected from numerous high-profile artists.

You can catch the full episode here, sponsored by Tezos Commons.

The episode is really worth the full listen, Lin Dai has tons of droplets of invaluable insight into the present NFT landscape and where the future is moving towards.


“So, it certainly helps when we approach artists such as Quincy Jones, who was vouching for us that this is his platform that he believed will do right by the artist… The second secret weapon really is the energy efficiency of the Tezos blockchain. It is two million times more energy efficient than Ethereum.”

“The moment I explained to Doja Cat’s management and you can actually do a search for Doja Cat NFT’s – Doja has announced a collection called juicy drops weeks before we actually convinced her to switch platforms. She was going to drop this on some kind of Ethereum-based platform and we saw this press release and we had to explain to her what she was doing wrong and let her know the amount of potential backlash she’s going to get from her fans”.

“So, a lot of artists are unaware of the differences between energy consumption and a lot of the recent reportings from Times, Wall Street Journal, and Rolling Stone really kind of shed a lot into this and make the artist aware that there are some blockchains that are really killing the Earth right now”.

Lin Dai