This is the 100th post on my blog, to celebrate that I feel it’s worth discussing a topic that many of us are not in tune with – intuition.

Females naturally have higher levels of control over this trait subconsciously as they’re emotionally-driven beings. They make the majority of their decisions off emotion. Males, on the other hand – are more logical by nature. I am one, after all.

That said, I had some interesting light reading over the weekend I think you’ll find thought-provoking.

The Hamster Wheel

Have you ever heard that inner voice in you that seemingly comes from nowhere and causes you to think: “Hmm, this may not be a good idea“? Following that inner voice, something bad ended up happening and you narrowly avoided an accident.

There are stories like this that are far too countless to link here. It’s not really a story, however. The core basis hinges on our intuition (gut feeling).

It’s a very powerful sixth sense that many of us are not in tune with or even really sure it exists.

Today’s culture is for better or worse, very fear-driven. Controlling life’s outcomes, uncertainty, and more all pervade our day-day lives.

I can say for myself, this is exacerbated by the fact I might have hypertension. I’m in great shape as readers of this blog are likely aware, but I have a high resting heart rate at virtually any point of the day.

It’s shrunk a bit lately, but it’s still pretty close to where it was back in last June when I started taking health and wellness seriously. I’m not sure what the root cause of this is. I do recall being told that when I was born I had a hole in my heart and the doctors did not think I would live.

Later on in life, I was told by my pediatrician that I would always be short and fat. Great assessment for a patient, huh?

I proved him wrong.

Anyhow, that inner voice inside of each of us is important to stay in tune with. You might be wondering how to do just that?

Let’s explore.

Practical Applications

We all know of the five senses – eyesight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Each of these, we use daily without even thinking twice about it.

There is a sixth, however.

Each of us is equipped with intuition, a powerful inner knowing. Ever heard the phrase “go with your gut“? That’s where we’re drilling into.

As the human species evolved through time, to evade danger a certain fight or flight mode began to become instilled. One can think of this in practical terms as seeing someone on the highway swerving in front of you.

What’s your natural reaction? If you didn’t say move out of the way or merge to the other lane, you may need to tend to the cultivation of your mind.

This inner knowing saves us from danger and also elevates us to achieving our true paths in life. It’s important to be in tune with it and recognize when it shows up.

Physician and NY Times bestselling author Lissa Rankin M.D. shared some valuable applications to start doing just that. I encourage you to read it and take it for what it is, sound advice.