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My Wild Rice Chicken Casserole Inspired by Uncle Ben’s

This right here is one of my all time favorite recipes. It’s actually a family recipe I’ve trialed and errored over time. This recipe used to be included on the box of Uncle Ben’s Wild Rice, however it’s been changed over the years. You can find the new recipe here, which is the closest semblance as to what it’s based off.


My “Dusty Biscuits” made from scratch

This is another post which will entail one of my favorite breakfast treats – “Dusty Biscuits”. For quite some time, I’ve actually searched for how to really make the best biscuits that people enjoy. This recipe has been a complete hit.


How to Cook the Best Chicken

While many of us have a lot of unexpected free time due to the events surrounding COVID-19, finding things to do in these times may difficult. While everyone is under quarantine and staying out of the public as much as possible – now is the perfect opportunity to work on and/or pick up new skills.