For quite some time now, we’ve been wanting to get our boat fixed. It’s never been put to use heavily and has quite a few miles left on the motor. But, after much struggle, it’s finally fixed.

Turns out the issue at hand was the full pump and the lack of a sufficient amount of fuel getting to the motor. Thanks to the help of a creative individual in Clarksville, TN – he essentially fixed this problem by turning an oil injected motor into fuel injected.

He accomplished this by adding a fuel pump and creating a switch to draw fuel directly to the motor. You don’t really even have to pump the bulb anymore now.

After taking it out on the lake the other day, it seems like it’s getting too much fuel now – go figure. But, that’s a minor issue that can be easily fixed.

Here’s a photo dump from yesterday at Old Hickory Lake in Hendersonville, TN.