All Aboard the Train Towards Destination Unknown

Grab your fares, get your tickets in order, it’s time to assemble and board the train.

Your destination has been paved with a myriad of uncertainty and the passengers aboard could give less than a hoot about you. But, you enter the train from sheer curiosity as to where the final destination leads you.

The locomotive operator and conductor can’t tell you where you’re going, they’re just as clueless as you are.

But, as you traverse the journey and begin your travels, there’s many things that begin to delve deeper thought internally.

You’re not in the twilight zone, you’ve entered the no-spin zone.

Welcome Aboard

Now that you’re back, it’s time to hit you back into reality.

The year is 2021 and the date is August 19th.

Equities are pumping massively and it seems like every single one of your friends is buying a house and shacking up with some female they’ve known for only a month or two. Your brother just started mining DOGE and informs you weekly he’s never going to work again soon. Some eccentric bald guy with an awkward laugh just launched a rocket into space too.

Oh and there’s that Afghanistan thing too, but you were never thinking or paying attention when you cast your blue vote at the polling location all around because that orange guy was a bit of an ass on twitter.

Slowly images of exuberant optimism begin to flood you and you feel a longing sense of FOMO. You say to yourself, “Wow, I must really be missing out, what a time to be alive”.

The locomotive operator stops the train suddenly bringing yourself and the passengers to a state of array and confusion.

Following this, you hear on the intercom that a transmission will be aired for everyone aboard the train.

Startled and a little puzzled, everyone begins to sit back in curiosity for what the transmission entails.

The Transmission

On the transmission, you start to hear stories of a country running into pure shambles.

The country is America and every day that goes by seems to be the equivalent of a Quentin Tarantino film.

Nobody within the country seems to care and people keep throwing themselves into debt by buying things they don’t need and accepting every credit card offer that comes into their mailbox.

Meanwhile, the American government has announced the passing of another $1.2T economic relief package and another $3.5T package framework just hit the House of Representatives floor.

Government officials and world leaders embrace and rejoice while wearing a mask in a non-public place, “This is great, this is exactly what we need to make real progress and restore this country”.

After they’re done celebrating, they proceed to put their masks back on and wear them on the car ride back home in the name of science and stopping the spread of a virus with a 99% cure rate.

Data begins to populate the transmission.

The Interlude

May of 1971 was an important month and year, for that matter.

A singular event, dubbed the “Nixon Shock” left the US without a peg for the US dollar. Beforehand, the peg was placed towards redeemability in gold. Gold backed the US dollar up until this event.

Now, what this introduced has been something that has been taken to an extreme. It allowed the US Government to begin to print money placing a value in purely the words that come out of their mouth. Quite simply, the dollar from this point onwards only has value because the government says it does.

For many blockchain fans and/or enthusiasts we refer to this quite often as fiat money. Funny thing is, it’s an actual term. Fiat money is defined as, “inconvertible paper money made legal tender by a government decree“. Nothing is backing it other than words, quite literally.

This is something not a lot of people outside of this sphere seem to really grasp. Whether it be life or their own issues, sitting down and engaging in forward thinking dissuades the majority of people as it actually causes them to do something drastic. Think.

Some figures for you to glance.

  • 40% of US dollars in existence were printed in the last 12 months.
  • Housing market is hanging narrowly as wages and jobs are outpaced by new construction in many large cities (data retrievable via Zillow).
  • Quantitative easing has continued to prop equity markets to an unhealthy degree, creating artificially inflated prices across several markets.

I could go on, but you should get the gist.

Something doesn’t sit right with COVID-19

Not to begin conspiracy theories, but I always felt off from the onset of the pandemic back in February to March of last year. On the one side, you have the people who are afraid of everything blowing it into obscene proportions. On the other side, you have the medical professionals and people who see it as serious but disagree with mask mandates on an educated level.

Somewhere in the middle, you land in politically correct territory.

For those who land in politically correct territory, you may be doing more harm than good. We’ve seen the CDC essentially emerge as a legislative body acting solely in imposing mask mandates nationwide.

They’ve single handedly led to the decline of small business and other GDP producing businesses for the country.

This decline or subset, if you will has been replaced with trillions of stimulus packages which have been negated almost as soon as they were sent out. Noticing an increase in shortages? It’s because… no one wants to work. They’re making more at home eating hot cheetos and watching the latest outer banks season than when they were working.

That said, stepping outside of one’s own bubble, there’s a few concerns here. Primarily, is whether you know it or not, you’re giving up two rights. These rights were the basis and structure for the very founding of this nation.

They are based off the first amendment of the US Constitution. Some may view this as silly and that they’ve lost their meaning over time because “things are different now“. Or we can go a step further, they interpret the first amendment in a completely absurd way, usually involving violence and single issue groups.

The point is, the right to assembly and freedom of speech are being stripped away from you by each passing day. What’s even better is you’re letting it happen, whether realizing it or not.

Being forced to wear a mask and social distance? You’re giving up your right to assembly indirectly.

Getting cancelled for sharing beliefs that disrupt government mandates and the status quo? You are giving up and losing your freedom of speech.

It’s simple.

Before you think, “Oh, it’s not like that, you should listen to the science and government“. It’s important to keep in mind these are the very same people who have destroyed your life savings through inducing inflation and waving a green flag before the worst financial crash of our lifetimes in 2008.

They’re not here to lead you to the promise land or help you. In fact, they’ve been moving pieces in a game that has gone out of control.

You (yes, I’m talking to you) have to work hard and be probabilistic to stay ahead of the bell curve. Merely working hard isn’t good enough today, the two have to intertwine.

Probabilistic thinking can lead you to considering, “Well, if I’m allowing the government to do X, what’s to stop them to continue doing X”. This is where my mindset is today.

It’s not so much focused on doing something because I’ve been told to do it, it’s more so… If I allow this, what will me allowing this open up in the future?

At this point, you should get the answer. Welcome to the Delta variant.

Arrival to Destination Unknown

The destination has been reached and the transmission has ended.

You’ve taken a trip on the train that has led to your departure to destination unknown. Where you go from here is your choice, there’s no helping hands to guide you.

The train you’ve been on board has been that of the American economy. There are many aboard it just like you and many different from you as well.

How you navigate the journey before you boils down to you.