Photo Courtesy: Newsweek

That jacket must be comfortable for Tiger, who has been battling a drought of victories on the PGA Tour and having been through several surgeries.

The U.S. president, golf fans across the world and professional athletes alike realize what an astounding achievement Tiger’s recent victory was at the 83rd Masters Tournament.

Who Cares About Golf or Tiger Woods?

That’s all I seem to hear from people regarding Tiger Woods or golf in general, “Who cares about golf, it’s boring”. Well, let’s look at the statistics. On average, 13 million people tuned into the Masters final round coverage to watch Tiger Woods play, who got the most air time, naturally.

Tiger Woods is undoubtedly the greatest golfer to walk the Earth for the past 3 decades and with this recent major victory, he’s now won a major in 3 different decades. How many people can say that? Just one, Jack Nicklaus.

Tiger now has 15 majors under his belt, with 5 of them coming from the Masters. Simply put, no other professional golfer on the planet comes close to this record. Tiger is making history and challenging the all-time record for major victories, which was set by Jack Nicklaus at 18 in his career. No one else stands a chance to catch this record, period.

In reality, we may never even see another great player like Tiger Woods again.

My Experience at the Masters

Ben Hogan bridge overlooking the 12th hole on Amen Corner

In 2009, I was given the opportunity to see one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world. We got to see Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and many other big names in the field play for the green jacket.

The Masters is not a cheap tournament to attend like a football game or baseball game usually are. For tickets, if you didn’t win the “lottery”, which is held a year in advance, you can expect to pay nearly $7,000 for the entire tournament. If you just wanted to see Thursday to Sunday action, you would have to pay a whopping $4,000 per person on secondary markets. We got 2 free badges from a close friend at the time, however.

The Masters has and always will be “old fashioned”, as we weren’t even allowed to bring cell phones to the course period. Apart from it being extremely difficult to find a hotel, as most are booked a year in advance, Augusta National Golf Club is one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.

All in all, we probably ended up spending about $1k or $2k in the Masters store there, which is where people who attend like to buy hats cheap and sell them on secondary markets for absurd prices. I believe we ended up buying about 30 or 40 hats, a few chairs, and other miscellaneous items.

Seeing Tiger play and all the other big names at the most prestigious major tournament of the year, was truly a great experience. In fact, after seeing Tiger’s recent victory, it may be time to plan to go back again next year.


Growing up playing golf and being on varsity throughout high school, attending state, I’ve always seen Tiger Woods as one of the greatest athletes to ever grace the Earth. With this recent win at the Masters, I think it’s safe to say, he’s finally back.