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The Rhizome Report Ep.8

Recently, I decided to interview Vitalii Parkhomenko of Everstake, a P-Rep candidate for the ICON protocol. We discussed a wide array of topics and Everstake’s plans as a P-Rep for the ICON ecosystem.

The Rhizome Report Ep.5

Recently, I decided to interview Radiofriendly of ICONation, one of the top P-Rep candidates for the ICON protocol. We discussed ICONation’s motivation for running for P-Rep, reward sharing, the state of ICONSENSUS, roadblocks, and more.

RHIZOME Offline Ep.7 – Team Update, Node Infrastructure, and P-Rep Reward Sharing

Episode 7 of RHIZOME Offline. Topics include a team update, an update on our node infrastructure, and some thoughts about P-Rep’s sharing their rewards.

The Rhizome Report Ep.1

In our latest effort to bring education and awareness of the ICON project, I decided to start the first episode of our new podcast series, The Rhizome Report. Recently, I interviewed Scott Smiley and Daeki Lee of ICX_Station, asking them some hard-hitting questions to which, they provided some great insight on.

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