Photo Courtesy: longzijun

ICON keeps releasing great news.

Recently, it was announced that the Seoul Citizens Hall used ICON’s public blockchain, appointing 162 people to its Policy Communications team on the ICON blockchain.

This recent development is a follow up from a past announcement, where the Seoul Metropolitan Government “issued mobile letters of appointment to its Blockchain Governance Team using ICON’s public blockchain”. 

How was ICON’s Public Blockchain Used?

ICON announced on April 5, 2019, the Seoul Citizens Hall had appointed 162 members on ICON’s public blockchain. These 162 appointments came in the form of timestamped transactions on the ICON public blockchain with an embedded image.

ICON Foundation:

“ICON’s public blockchain used by Seoul Citizens Hall – appointing 162 members of its ‘Policy Communications Team’, another use-case of blockchain based public certificates”.

The transactions can be viewed here, showing the timestamped ICX transactions and embedded certificate images.

What is the Significance of This Development?

This represents yet another use case for the ICON blockchain in storing tamperproof data, receipts, certificates, and even photographs. This tamperproof data can be stored forever on the ICON public chain.

Secondly, this collaboration shows ICON’s outreach and strong networking effects, in the case of finding use cases for its public blockchain. After seeing this demonstration, there are now 162 people who will go home and tell their families about it.

If you’re interested in timestamping an image to ICON’s public blockchain, there is a great tutorial here.