Image Source: Brian Li

Pretty big news for ICON enthusiasts and supporters alike. ICONLOOP’s announcement of obtaining their first company advisor comes with great preceding for all the overwhelmingly positive news that has been released over the past few weeks-months.


ICONLOOP has appointed James Kim, the Chairman and CEO of AMCHAM Korea (The American Chamber of Commerce in Korea), as its first company advisor.

ICONLOOP has found many ways of incorporating its technology into various industries in Korea and has grown rapidly to encompass approximately 160 employees within three years since its establishment in May 2016. ICONLOOP is making an all-out effort to become a more mature IT company this year as it marks the start of the blockchain’s full-fledged market entry.

Mr. Kim, who has been leading global companies for over 30 years, and his experience is expected to have a synergistic effect at ICONLOOP. In particular, Mr. Kim, an industry-recognized management expert, is expected to give a big boost to the growth of ICONLOOP.

James Kim’s Background

Apart from serving as the Chairman and CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea (AMCHAM), currently, James Kim serves as the Independent Director of iClick Interactive, which is a roughly $210 million publicly traded company on the NASDAQ (Ticker: ICLK).

Additionally, Mr. Kim is very active within organizations that promote the success of the Korean economy. Mr. Kim serves on the boards of the Korea-U.S. Economic Council (KUSEC) and the Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone (BJFEZ).

In the past, in 2017, Mr. Kim became Vice Chairman of the Korean-American Association (KAA). He also serves as a member of the Advisory Commission of the ROK-U.S. Alliance Foundation.

Prior to achieving his current position as AMCHAM Chairman and CEO, Mr. Kim has additionally worked for the likes of GM, Microsoft, and Yahoo. Kim has served as the Chairman, CEO and President of GM Korea and had “oversight responsibilities with GM’s joint venture operations in Uzbekistan”.

Mr. Kim has demonstrated his vast business network and disposition for promoting the commercial interests between the United States and Korea. His past tenures as Country Manager and CEO of Microsoft Korea, CEO of Yahoo Korea and Asia Regional Vice President of Overture, a wholly owned subsidiary of Yahoo, further extenuate that.


ICONLOOP’s appointment of James Kim as their first company advisor comes as a strategic move. Given James Kim’s extensive background with working towards building US and Korea relations, it’s a great move on ICON’s part to possibly begin leveraging this connection and target western audiences. As many are aware, the basis of ICON’s core network resides within Korea, this recent move suggests ICON will be seeking to expand this in greater proportion.