Red Lights, Yellow Lights, and Green Lights

The title seems a bit strange, is he talking about traffic – one might ask? Far from it. In this post, I’m going to discuss one of my favorite actors of all time’s latest book, Greenlights. Written by Matthew McConaughey, Greenlights delves deep into our core being and provides so many answers towards life and why things may not turn out as you plan them to sometimes.

Red and Yellow Lights Can Turn Green

The question that might immediately rise to you might be along the lines of – what the hell is he talking about?

Let me explain.

There’s five questions that determine the state of our being in the physical world. Those five questions are as follows.

  • Who?
  • What?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Why?

Sometimes, throughout this strange journey we call life; we may find ourselves stranded or lost. How lost or stranded we are can vary, but it’s an emotion or mindset that everyone shares no matter who they are, at least once if one’s being honest with themselves.

In these times, it’s actually when we’re most adept to finding clarity and solace towards our own trajectories and direction in life. I can say for myself, dealing with an ailing grandmother has led me towards becoming stranded and not necessarily bound with direction or purpose.

This has caused me to certainly become slightly pessimistic towards a wide array of matters and affairs that I didn’t take much attention to until recent times. These things you brush off or ignore affect you more than you think, take it from me.

For, it’s easy when things are going awry to become negative or pessimistic towards anything that proposes an alternative to your current state of being. You may not feel this way presently, or maybe you do but just haven’t admitted it to yourself or realized it just yet.

Or maybe, we can take it a step further. You feel great and nothing can stop you. You’re on an absolute roll and life is truly good.

Th uphill stride is there and whether we realize/admit it or not, there will always be red and yellow lights blocking the roads we’re traveling.

Now, the good news is you have the power to change those colors at the stoplight.

Matthew McConaughey delves more on just how he’s done that in Greenlights. In his self-proclaimed “love letter to life” he also details spotting the trends when things are going wrong or good. Through that and more, he really enlightens you on how to catch more green lights and replicate when things are going right. Highly encourage you to read it, it might just change your life!