After the crypto community has gone ballistic on news of a confirmed partnership with Enjin and Samsung, EnjinCoin (ENJ) soared over 70%.

The original news on the partnership confirmation broke out from an South Korean media outlet that stated:

“The blockchain game project ‘EnjinCoin’ became the official partner of Samsung Galaxy S10, which was officially launched on August 8. It is expected that the EnjinCoin will be used in the ‘key store’, which is the blockchain wallet of the Galaxy S10, and the EnjinCoin services will be provided through Samsung Galaxy Store”.

“EnjinCoin announced that the EnjinCoin became the official partner of Samsung Electronics with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S10 on the 8th”.

Coindesk, a large news site specializing in blockchain and digital currencies reached out to Enjin’s VP of marketing, Simon Kertonegoro. Simon had this to say about the partnership:

“While I can confirm that we have an official partnership with Samsung, I’m not at liberty to disclose any other information at this point.”

Enjin’s Full Support of ERC-1155 Tokens Coming to EnjinX

Earlier today, Enjin announced a highly anticipated official update after the news of it’s official partnership with Samsung broke out.

In the update released on Enjin’s YouTube channel, Enjin stated:

“Later this month, full support for ERC-1155 tokens will be coming to the world’s fastest Ethereum explorer, EnjinX”.

“This will enable users to search, browse, and verify ERC-1155 assets and transactions with ease — completing the ecosystem of support needed for widespread adoption of this powerful class of Ethereum assets”.

Additionally, Enjin also tweeted about a new feature coming to the Enjin wallet. The Enjin wallet now features a Beam reveal code system, allowing for push notifications & new token swap options.