I’ve been on a rather large rush this past week. What often gets clouded as something that needs to get done, has definitely tipped the other direction.

Let’s explain what I’m getting at and how maybe you can learn and/or benefit from it.

Ticking Boxes

There’s a famous quote and it goes a bit like this: “There’s no greater pleasure than having a lot to do and finishing all of it”.

This past week and current for me reflects well to that. While for the life of me I cannot find the original quote, it paints some context to a few stories/points I’m going to raise.

I juggle a lot between work and side passions (such as this blog). It’s sometimes difficult to bind everything together and keep yourself on track. When you’re juggling many things at once, attention is easy to slip and be focused more elsewhere.

It’s quite literally gotten to the point where I use a dry erase board to jot everything down not only I want done for the day, but in advance. I also track goals and longer term items there as well. It’s been rather useful and effective for me. Hence, “ticking boxes“.

That said, sometimes we have to weigh items based on importance. A side hobby you have may become backlogged from time to time as more pressing items take precedence in your queue.

This past week and current have been the polar opposite of that. I’ve smashed new goals at the gym and knocked out several long term goals these two weeks alone.

It’s hard to articulate the feeling I have when I see all these goals/tasks met like that. There’s seldom things I can parallel as a comparison that just fills you with a greater sense of worth and happiness.

I’m not preaching to become a workaholic and ignore everyone in your life. But, the point I’m trying to drive is very seldom are we in tune with ourselves and not concerned about others beings to the point where it prohibits our own.

It just feels good.

Upward Mobility

Readers of this blog are likely well accustomed to the phrase “cushion systems and routines“. There’s lots of universal truths and value in it.

As we progress further along that initial starting point, what once seemed so far away begins to rapidly diminish. Not too long after, goals get met and new ones are formed.

This is an important point I think not many my age seem to grasp. I see several friends going through life, happy with where they’re at and not really challenging themselves. They fall prey to a privy of distractions and are happy with their job/career with no immediate plans to improve other areas of their life that will bring greater happiness and positive ROI.

That mindset is a trap that grabs even some of the most intelligent of people. As the saying goes, there will always be someone smarter than you are.

But, the point here is to live life through the lenses of constantly evolving and trying new things. Pursue upward mobility and don’t remain complacent by your current lifestyle. It can go away just as fast as you received it.

By following this, I’ve drastically improved my health, mind, and body. I’ve even opened up several new doors and connections that wouldn’t have really been possible if I didn’t step out of my comfort zone too.

What’s there to lose?

If you’re young like me (24 years old), you have plenty of time to figure out your life trajectory. Experimentation, stepping out your comfort zone, and taking control over the things you can are crucial to a fulfilling and rewarding life.

Anything is possible, get out there and experiment this year. Constantly evolve yourself and some things will begin to stick.