It seems Calvin Ayre can’t stop saying things that lead to widespread controversy and backlash.

In the latest of Mr. Ayre’s developments, he recently put out a tweet with a 21 year old whom he has known “for many years”.

“And this is my friend of many years. She is 21 and was the only one in that picture that I invited to attend.  She also wants everyone to stop harassing her simple because you don’t want anyone to hear about Bitcoin Scaling at the CoinGeek conference. uncool at every level”.


However, Calvin posted another tweet attempting to justify his actions for being with borderline underage women. At this time of writing, Calvin Ayre is 57 years old.

“By the way this is an old picture to prove how long I have known her…back when she was 19”.

This story does not end there. If posting pictures with 21 year old’s whom you have “known for years” does not make you sick to your stomach, Calvin thinks he’s being “trolled” and sees nothing wrong of any sorts with his actions.

Perhaps it’s about time for Calvin Ayre to rebrand, or get a new PR team. It would be a very strategic move considering there’s already lawsuits in the works.

Of the lawsuits piling up, one notorious figure in particular, John McAfee, has threatened a libel suit against Calvin Ayre to which Calvin responded to.

Calvin had this short statement to say.

“fuck you.”

John McAfee had this to say in response to Mr. Ayre’s statement.

“I do have to admit Cal, especially when on certain drugs, to being bi-curious in the past. I just never found the right man. Your urgent exclamation: “Fuck You” thrilled me to the core. I’m not sure about being submissive, however. Could I fuck you first and then see how it goes?”

Well done John. Well done.

Only in crypto..