Blink or Maybe Don’t?

Life goes by quick. It’s already almost Thanksgiving and Christmas is right around the corner.

I’ve been starting back up on some reading lately among other daily habits I felt I’ve been lacking. I’m one of the types of people who is constantly thinking even during sleep about some new idea or something I could/should do. This can also trickle down into a mild form of anxiety on some day-day things.

That said, I read an interesting book a few months back called Outliers. It was written by Malcolm Gladwell and delves deep into our psyche and examines why hard work doesn’t make most the difference among other things around you guessed it, “outliers”.

I shared a few more concrete thoughts on that book here.

All said, I feel that concept is especially relatable in today’s fast moving world. Social media and a deep desire to be interconnected and gratified instantaneously leaves us often times feeling underwhelmed.

I’ve been in a very underwhelmed mood as of late. I’m unsure if its the nature of the year as this is usually a point where I begin to become very reflective. So, I decided to seek a few answers and engage in more productive off-time activities.

Long story short, it led me to another one of Malcolm’s books called Blink.

To Blink or not to Blink

Did you know we have an inmate ability to comprehend troves of information in the matter of seconds or minutes? In some cases, quite literally in a “blink” of an eye.

Growing up, we’re always told documentation and sources for trustworthy information. We’ve been implanted with a socially acceptable notion that we must have more information in order to make the best judgements and decisions.

A lot of times, we’re able to gather troves of information quickly and make decisions by millions of orders of magnitude less than what we should normally have.

Think of a biker riding too fast on the pavement. As he’s about to head on collide with you, you may not be paying attention. In those few seconds you notice it, you kick into gear a sort of unconscious primordial instinct that makes you take action quickly to dodge it.

You make a decision in a blink.

Blink delves into the nature of this quick decision making. It also shows how the unconscious part of our minds play a critical role in making judgements and decisions.

I would share more… but, read the book!