Another Day in Paradise

I royally detest that phrase. For the majority of its usage, it’s always said in conversation with a passive aggressive tone – indicating a profound level of distaste for one’s day-day life.

Imagine living your whole life looking through the same magnifying lenses. A major turn off to say the least.

This is worth discussing further.

Becoming Victorious in the Grand Arena

Life is in many ways, a never ending battle. That battle spans your entire livelihood. As humans and mortals by nature, we are given the choice (for the most part) of the weapons in our arsenal and how we use those in the Grand Arena.

That Grand Arena represents the world around us, the weapons and how we use them – our beings.

One thing that’s became clear to me over time and in my battles within the Grand Arena, how we use our weapons is very important.

If we’d like to further extrapolate what our metaphorical arsenal consists of, we could think of our talents, personality, and work ethic to name a few. Now, let’s pivot to an example.

You’re in battle and you’re using your whole arsenal to beat the enemy; for examples sake, failure. It’s been a long battle, your work ethic is substantial and you have lots of talent in your respective field.

However, you can’t seem to quite catch that extra strength and drive that can propel you over the finish line and defeat your foe.

How do we become victorious in the grand arena?

Overcoming Obstacles

Ever since I started my fitness journey over 7 months ago now, I still deal with the idea of complacency. Having done a good amount of work and put forth a ton of effort, we can go a little less hard this week, right?


I’ve been watching the Last Dance on Netflix and King Richard. Excellent shows if you haven’t checked them out yet. The main premise in each of them is a universal one, the idea of going after a goal and stopping at nothing until you see it finished.

As a human, we all want to be great. Few rarely cross that existential finish line though. For, if everyone did, well what would make the difference in challenging the status quo and pursuing a dream?

There would be no reason to and you’d see a collapse of competitive sports, business, and virtually anything else you could think of.

We all yearn for the day where we can become truly great and overcome obstacles in our way. How we each define what “great” is, that’s totally subjective. The point is, each of us has a goal and a dream that fills our hearts and beings with purpose and fulfills a true sense of self.

As we struggle and endure pain to reach that goal/dream, we become closer to it. But, rarely do we reflect on the inner struggle day in and day out. It’s truly a duanting battle and the Grand Arena is not fair.

I wrote about some of my reflections in the past on cushion systems & routines, expanding on motivational forces I use to continue to reach those goals I set forth for myself. In the Grand Arena, complacency is our worst enemy.

As we’ve entered a new year, a variety of factors can throw us astray. The biggest culprit are our relationships, one which I also expanded upon recently.

It’s important we take those weapons dealt to us from birth (talent, skills, upbringing) and choose carefully in the ways in which we employ them in the Grand Arena. There’s a plethora of patterns and mirages that attack us daily, but we don’t have to succumb to them.

With the start of the year, let’s resolve to choose how we wield our arsenal in the aforementioned light.